May 172011

Funny Father’s Day Dinosaur T Shirts!funny_fathers_day,  funny_fathers_day_gifts, dinosaurs

Funny father’s day gifts for your Dinosaur Dad!

You know you love him but is he just a bit of a, well, Dinosaur?!

SO here’s a perfect father’s day present for your Prehistoric Pop!

What about a Daddy’s Little Dinosaur Kid’s T Shirt?

Or just tell them the truth, My Dad’s A Dinosaur!

Featuring Paul Stickland’s funny dinosaurs, from his best selling children’s dinosaur books, such as Dinosaur Roar and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs.

Create your own custom Father’s Day gift with the great Zazzle design tools, add your own special Father’s Day Message!  

Hundreds of styles and colours, t shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, for men, women, kids and babies!
Choose your local DinosaurStore to buy your funny Father’s Day T Shirts in your own language and currency.

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paul stickland

Paul Stickland, Artist, Illustrator, Author and Designer of children's picture and pop up books. Owner of StrangeStore on Zazzle. CO creator of Dinosaur Roar! You will find me on google +

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